Causes and how to stop insufficient space on Android device

Having troubles with insufficient storage message on your Android device? don’t worry because I will be telling you how to stop Insufficient storage on Android device

Insufficient storage message can be very frustrating at times.

What does “Insufficient storage” mean? It actually means that their are no more space left in your device storage.

What happens when you have an insufficient storage on your Android device?

  • Some Apps stops storing new data e.g (games)
  • Apps stops opening.
  • Apps Start’s running slow.
  • Phone stops responding to any software.

So to actually stop this message you have to free up some space in other to allow you continue using your phone normally again.

How to stop Insufficient storage on Android device

you can use all or any of this methods listed below:

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Method 1

  • Open “Application manager” and select an app you see consuming huge space. (you will see the number of space its consuming just underneath the app logo)
  • Tap on storage, then a screen will appear where you will see “clear data” and “clear cache” omanager
Application manager

App manager

  • Clear cache to free up some space.
  • You can clear data if you’re sure that you don’t need the app data again. (this will delete all data stored by the app which makes it look look like a newly installed app).

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Method 2

  • uninstall apps that you think you don’t need.

Method 3

  • Go to “File Manager” and open internal storage.
  • Search for files like video, photos, music or other file you think you don’t need and delete them.
  • Move files from your internal storage to external storage (SD card).

Method 4

  • Go to your phone settings and search for “Storage” and open it (you will be to see your internal storage size, space used and remaining space here)

  • Tap on “Internal storage”, you will see how you storage is being used by every section of your device ranging from apps, videos, images etc.


  • You can then open them and fix each section just like the above method I explained.

Method 5

  • Install any storage manager app from Google play store and free up your Android phone storage.

How to prevent insufficient storage in your Android device.

  • Purchase an external SD card and move files like videos, images, music etc from internal storage to SD card.
  • Change the download directory of your web browser to SD card.
  • Change the storage directory of your file sharing apps (example Xender) to SD card.
  • Upgrade your SD card to a higher storage size.
  • Uninstall apps you don’t need.


having explained explained what insufficient storage is and also methods to use stop them and how to prevent it from happening, will help you manage your storage like a pro.

please feel free to leave a feedback on the comment section below.


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